Google Ads Campaign Management Strategies

Master the art of Google Ads with our online course.

Learn techniques for keyword selection, ad copy optimisation, bid management, and performance analysis. Whether you’re a business owner looking to maximise ROI or a marketer aiming to sharpen your skills, this course offers strategies to elevate your Google Ads game.

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Course Duration: 4 hours




In today’s hyper-competitive digital ecosystem, simply setting up Google Ads campaigns is no longer enough. To stand out, drive traffic, and achieve your business objectives, you need a comprehensive understanding of campaign management strategies. That’s where this course comes in.

In this online course, some of the topics that you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Google Ads: An Overview of the Platform and Its Capabilities
  • Keyword Research and Selection Strategies for Click Campaigns
  • Optimising Landing Pages for Conversion Campaigns
  • Bidding Strategies for Click and Conversion Campaigns
  • Harnessing Audience Targeting for Enhanced Campaign Performance
  • Ad Extensions: Enhancing Your Ads for Better Click-Through and Conversion Rates
  • Targeting Options for Search, Display, and Performance Max Campaigns
  • Optimisation Techniques for Performance Max Campaigns
  • Budget Management Strategies for Click, Conversion, and Performance Max Campaigns
  • Campaign Scaling and Growth Strategies Across Campaign Types


Course Cancellation/Reschedule Policy
We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled, we will refund 100% to participants.

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