Coaching for Business Startup and Small Businesses

Business marketing in the new media world is complicated. It requires business owners to understand marketing concepts, strategies and digital channels They are forced to try new things, get out of their comfort zone and make an impact. They hear about marketing funnels, SEO, SEM, KPIs and responsive design. But what are those really? And which ones are important to their business?

Our mission is to help business startups and businesses to navigate the complex maze of current business marketing. Most small and medium businesses don’t have the expertise to create a powerful web presence for their business and struggle with the lack of resources to consistently perform the day-to-day marketing actions needed to achieve their business goals.

A business coach and mentor like us works with business owners to understand their business values and objectives before sharing marketing strategies and tactics to meet their goals as efficiently as possible. The ultimate decision on what direction to take lies with the business owner.

How Can Business Coaching Help You?

As a business coach, we will always get clear on your business goals first and advise you on the practical marketing plan best suited for your type of business. Also, we can ensure you understand what it takes to implement and manage various marketing strategies.

There are  main reasons why you might want to work with a business coach like us:

1. Our marketing knowledge can help to fast track your progress.

2. We will discuss you on a particular issue so you can decide which direction you should take.

3. Our objectivity and fresh insight mean you’ll be able to scrap activities that aren’t working, fix things that should be working better, and spot opportunities you hadn’t thought of before.

4. Knowing that there’s someone there with you as you work through your business marketing plans and implementation.

5. We advise on the best tools and resources needed to create your plan and market your business successfully.

6. Offer support, advice, ideas, and guidance to get your business moving forward faster.

7. Save you from making costly mistakes for your marketing budget.

How Do Our Business Coaches Work And Cost?

If you are a business owner with wonderful talents and a credible business but you find it difficult to attract new customers and clients, let’s work together to define the marketing coaching services that will work for you. These value-packed coaching sessions are affordable alternatives for business owners who need some occasional help with the marketing plan.

Our business coaching offers one-to-one coaching packages. Choose either a single session, weekly, or monthly program. Based on the packages that you will select, we’ll have a regular face-to-face or online Zoom session where we will work towards the goals we set at the start. We’ll get you unstuck and moving forward each session, give you fresh perspectives on your business, and help you identify what to start, stop or optimise to reach your goals.

Business Marketing Coaching Packages

Business Marketing Coaching for Startup and Small Businesses

Basic Plan
Duration: 2 hrs (one online session)
Silver Package
Duration: 4 hrs (two online sessions)
Premium Package
Duration: 8 hrs (four online sessions)

Important Note: Please allow us to contact you within three working days after full payment is made on our services above. Your patience and kind understanding in this will be greatly appreciated.